CE21 is Heading to ACLEA’s 53rd Annual Meeting



ACLEA’s 53rd Annual Meeting will be held this month in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada, just in time to celebrate Montreal’s 375th Anniversary! But before we head out into the city to celebrate under the fireworks, we will be attending several sessions at ACLEA. Here are just a few of the plenary and break-out sessions we plan to attend. And don’t forget to stop by our booth and say hello to Amy, Lisa, and Sarah!

Legal Innovation and Technology – Developing the Lawyer’s Competitive Advantage
Presented by Chris Bentley, Law Practice Program & Legal Innovation Zone, Ryerson University

Session Description: How can we as CLE professionals develop programs in a rapidly change legal environment? Learn about what lawyers will need to succeed as legal innovation, including rapidly advancing technology, is changing the traditional practice of law. 

Reason we’re interested: Developing CLE program can be overwhelming, but learning the tools required to succeed in the online CLE world is of utmost importance. Change is inevitable and staying up-to-date with technology will ensure that legal professionals succeed.

Repurpose Your Content
Presented by Tom Wubker, State Bar of Texas, & Amy McFadden, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education

Session Description: Hear from a panel with experience segmenting and combining their content to create different and valuable resources for customers. They will provide you with concrete ideas for making the most of what you already have. 

Reason we’re interested: Starting from scratch is never fun – learning how to update and alter the CLE content you have will be extremely valuable when developing new CLE content. This panel of experts will provide listeners with valuable knowledge on how to repurpose content, instead of starting over, which can be both time-consuming and expensive.

New Direction in MCLE and CPD: The ABA Model MCLE Rule and Beyond
Presented by Gina Roers Liemandt, American Bar Association, Alan Treleaven, Law Society of British Columbia, & Yanneck Yostaficzuk, Barreau du Quebec

Session Description: After more than two years of work with a volunteer committee of more than 70 CLE providers and regulators (including many ACLEA and CLEReg members), judges, practicing attorneys, academics, law firm professional development coordinators, and state/local/specialty bar association leaders, the ABA House of Delegates adopted a revised ABA Model MCLE Rule. How will this affect the MCLE rules in the jurisdictions with whom you work? What other new initiatives are changing the way we educate lawyers? Join some of ACLEAs fellow members as they discuss: 

  • ABA Model MCLE Rule Overview and Update
  • Implementation and Regulator Response to the Model Rule
  • New Initiatives to Meet Educational Needs of Laywers
  • Canadian Cultural Competency Training Initiative 
  • Audience Q&A – Best Practices Related to New Provisions of the Model Rule

Reason we’re interested: It’s important to keep abreast of the new MCLE rules and other changes happening in the CLE process. During this session, fellow ACLEA members will be discussing the ABA Model CLE Rule revision, as well as any other related changes. Hear what others think about the Model Rule.

To find the full schedule of events at ACLEA, click here

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