New Features – July 2017 Release Notes

It’s that time again! We’ve been hard at work to bring our partners’ wishes come to life and to continually ensure the quality and efficiency of the CE21 platform. Here’s what’s new this month.

New Features and Fixes


  • Added a pre-roll video option to Video Replays to allow tenants to display a specific “commercial” before the start of seminars.
  • Enabled multiple HTML widgets to be utilized in same location the Viewer Layout.


  • Created a “Schedule at a Glance” feature to allow customers to hover over to see the complete list of date and time options (for Live Events and Live Webcasts).


  • All certificates are now PDFs.
  • Rich Text Editor added to certificate modal when emailing certificates to customers on the back end.


  • Enhanced how modules in Classrooms state whether or not they are downloaded by adding a note in the Course Type column on the Course Schedule and in the Product Snapshot for the entire Classroom.
  • Created an overall Classroom handout section.


  • Added an Import Bulk Credit option.


  • Enhanced dropdowns on Email Templates to allow staff to easily locate recipient and email template.


  • Enabled a “Do Not Allow Download for This Product” checkbox that allows for a specific On Demands to not be downloaded, even though the tenant has enabled down
    Customer will be directed to this page when given the Guestbook url.

    loads for On Demands in Manager Setting.

  • Enabled an “Add to Cart” feature on the Product Snapshot.
  • Created a guestbook feature that allows staff to use a url to access programs.


  • New mouseover feature allows staff to see which campaign the product is under when adding an order in the back end.
  • New setting in Discounts – staff can now set a minimum number of products to be ordered before the discount is enabled.


  • Enhanced marketing code feature to allow staff to change size and color of buttons.


If you haven’t tried the App yet, click below to download the newest version – once you have it on your phone, the easiest way to check it out is to click on one of the demo buttons at the bottom of the login screen.


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