Introducing CE21 – A note from the Vice President

In late January of 2014, ACLEA (the Association for Continuing Legal Education) held it’s mid-year conference in Austin, TX.  At the last moment, John Davis, himself from Austin, heard about the conference and decided to attend.

www.ce21.comJohn Davis began his career in CE in 1998 with Legalspan, Inc. which he grew into one of the leading providers of online continuing education in the U.S.

Upon sale of the company in 2008, John departed and began consulting with a handful of Austin-based start-ups as well as releasing a number of new websites such as Nautical Monkey, a successful global boat sharing business. A little more than five years after departing LegalSpan he walked through the doors at the Austin Conference Center.

Immediately John felt a pulling energy from a conference he had attended many times over the past decade.  Familiar faces crowded around him inquiring on personal and professional updates. Stage 1 was complete. “I love this industry and I love these people.” John later commented in an initial meeting discussing the possibility of building a new online continuing education delivery platform.


With 10 years of experience under his belt in building online continuing education systems, John approached a key player, Kevin Hodges who had worked hand-in-hand with John in creating the LegalSpan CE platform over the first 10 years. “Kevin was essential.” John is quick to note, “His breadth of knowledge in video delivery, IT, and database systems is second to none and he is willing to constantly push the technological envelope.”CE21 Catalog

After a few discussions fleshing out the desired direction of CE21’s role in the marketplace, Kevin accepted an offer to come aboard as CE21’s Chief Information Officer. Stage 2 was complete and meetings took a decidedly different tone from that point forward. The discussion turned from the feasibility of creating a new online CE platform to the certainty that we would create the new online CE delivery and management platform.

Reid Stillings had worked with both Kevin Hodges and John Davis in the roles of both Production and Webcast Manager. As a major part of CE21’s core services would include creating a global videography and webcasting network on a very short timeline (a daunting task for anyone) the company needed a proven and tested solution.  “Reid was the obvious (only) choice” according to John.  “His organizational skills and capacity for work are unmatched.”  With additional experience in enterprise level support, Reid was approached to manage operations for the company particularly support, production and CE21’s global videography and webcasting network as Vice President of Operations.

CE21 ManagerReid started in mid-fall 2014. “From seeing what was done in the first few months of development to our first live demo in late November, I was amazed at what had been accomplished,” said Reid. “Dream Big was the immediate direction.” Stage 3 was complete. The team had been assembled and the progress was blazing forward at a breakneck pace.

Less than a year later, CE21 is scheduled to begin delivering online continuing education through a completely new paradigm.  A platform built from the ground up with a “mobile first” ideology.  Deep SEO integration will maximize search engine results.    One of the most sophisticated online video delivery and editing systems the CE industry has seen will deliver seminars to thousands of viewers every day.  This is continuing education for the 21st century.


Notwithstanding the technology we have created, fundamentally, we believe the success of CE21 will come down to creating a context of integrity, respect and open communication between CE21 and our partners and customers throughout the U.S. and beyond and we are committed to employing these distinctions in every aspect of the business as we move forward into the 21st century.

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